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Crafting the Finest Ceylon Tea Since 1984

Jafferjee & Sons is a leading producer and global marketer of sustainable, environmentally friendly Ceylon Tea. Our brands are available in leading supermarkets, artisan and specialty boutiques, online storefronts and hotels and restaurants in over 35+ countries across the world.

For almost a Century we have been carefully selecting and blending the highest quality of Tea from Sri Lanka, the home of Pure Ceylon Tea. Taking great care in selecting only the finest tea leaves that steep to give a rich colour and great taste.

Our brands are available in leading supermarkets, artisan and specialty boutiques, online storefronts and hotels and restaurants across the world.

Global Presence

At Jafferjee & Sons we are committed to improving and leveraging our global presence to benefit our customers using our globally recognized brands to build a supply chain from Sri Lanka to across the globe to better meet our customers requirements and strategic partnerships to benefit from the local knowledge that they bring, so we can embrace the challenges of the 21st Century



We are committed to growth, with a single minded vision of the future. We want to build our brands to become Globally Recognized Names  which stand for uncompromising Taste and Quality. We aim to be the leading brand of tea in all its forms from Loose Tea to Teabags and Tea Cafe’s to Tea Stores.

Lion Logo

The Lion Logo is an internationally recognised Symbol of Quality, given to only the freshest, finest and the highest quality Ceylon Tea after going through a rigorous testing and tasting process to ensure the Tea meets the requirements laid down by the Sri Lanka Tea Board, the leading research and certification body for Ceylon Tea.


Quality Assurance

We have worked hard so that our customers can rely on Jafferjee & Sons to deliver consistent quality, we have a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and built using the using the highest standards of food safety and quality, working to surpass our customers expectations and governmental and institutional requirements. We constantly monitor our products for food safety by evaluating every batch that leaves our facilities.

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