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All About Ceylon Tea

All about Ceylon Tea

Ceylon Tea hails back to the days of the British Empire, the name given to Tea grown in Sri Lanka, once known as Ceylon. The roots of Ceylon Tea were planted when British Planter, James Taylor sent 22 Lbs of Tea he grew in his coffee plantation from Sri Lanka to England. This small consignment of Tea marked the beginnings of the birth of Ceylon Tea, taking the British Empire and the world by storm.

Grades of Ceylon Tea


Orange Pekoe

A tightly rolled long and wiry leaf grown from 2000 feet upwards in the central mountainous heartlands of Sri Lanka. The tea has a delicate
fragrance with a bright coppery colour when brewed, it has a sharp flavour with slightly citrus notes which leaves a sweetness behind.



Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe
A beautiful tea flecked with Gold and Silver grown up to 4000 feet, from the Southern coast up to the central hills. The tea brews with a deep rich aroma with the coppery red hues of sunset with a complex full-bodied, thick flavour and hints of spicy sweetness.


An elegant tea, well rolled in to a pearl shape which is grown on the low lying Western Slopes of Sri Lanka, when brewed the leaves slowly unroll giving a deep orange colour and lightly tart, with a smooth finish and lingering taste of fresh bee’s honey.



Broken Orange Pekoe
A dark matured leaf plucked in the Foothills of the Western Mountain ranges when brewed gives a rich, dark red infusion and a strong full-bodied flavour. Its appearance is unique as the Tea leaves are fully open and are light and flaky to touch.



For those who love their cuppa strong, Ceylon Fannings are amongst the strongest Tea’s available in the world, when brewed it gives a reddish, black infusion and an intense aroma. It has a brisk, bold flavour with a bit of sharpness for those craving a wake me up.



Commonly known in the Tea Makers kit as either a Pekoe Dust or Pekoe Fannings, they are the smallest leaves of Ceylon Tea available and some of the most sought after Tea’s. Specially during the Season when the Tea gets a slightly lemony flavour and scent.

Tea Growing Regions of Ceylon

Tea Growing Regions of Sri Lanka

Tea Tasting and Brewing

Tea Tasting and Brewing

All About Ceylon Tea