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Earl Grey Tea


Earl Grey Tea

A timeless classic, Earl Grey Tea is the most popular Tea in the world after Black Tea. Even though no one can pin point when Bergamot Oil was infused with tea. We know for certain that it’s popularity is thanks to the 2nd Earl of Grey and Prime Minister of Great Britain Charles Grey and Lady Grey who introduced the tea to London Society.

Our Earl Grey Tea is fragrant and distinctive taste thanks to an infusion of six different Bergamot Oils and only the finest high grown Ceylon Tea.


Earl Grey Tea Tasting Notes


Refreshing lemon and orange blossoms


Hue of orange and red


A lemony flavour with a fruity bouquet

Earl Grey Bold

Our strongest Earl Grey Tea ever, blending the strong Dimbulla and Kandy tea with essences of Bergamot.

Mists of Earl Grey

A different spin on an all time classic! Our signature blend of Green Tea from Ceylon and China and infusing with a light infusion of Bergamot Oil

Earl Grey Teabags

Just like our loose teas, only in a conveniently packed tea bag. We’ve used the same high grown Ceylon Tea and six types of Bergamot Oil.

Earl Grey Tea