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Flavoured Tea

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Flavoured Tea

From it’s inception, tea has been coupled with flavourings to create entirely novel experiences for consumers. Ranging from classics such as Earl Gray to modern varieties such as Apple Crumble, flavoured teas delight with their fanciful aromas and tastes yet retain all the health benefits of tea.

Jafferjee & Sons has developed bespoke flavoured tea varieties to suit market preferences in countries around the world. Indeed, our master tea blenders are able to craft just the right nuances in to the blend to delight consumers and ensure that our clients’ products are always unique.



The most popular flavoured tea in the world! One cannot walk more than 50m in anywhere in India without encountering a “chaiwala (tea seller)”.

We make Chai flavoured tea only using real spices, without any artificial flavourings. The resulting brew can only be described as India in a cup.

Earl Gray

The first flavoured tea ever created, Earl Gray is named after Charles Grey, who was gifted the tea by a Chinese Mandarin.

Earl Gray is made by carefully infusing the finest Ceylon Black tea with the oil of Bergamot fruits.

Winter Berry

Popular in Russia and Northern Europe, Winter Berry tea is traditionally drunk in the holiday season.

This tea is made by blending high-grown Ceylon tea with six different kinds of berries!

Lemon Pie

Lemon Pie… in liquid form! This tea has all the deliciousness of it’s namesake dessert without any of the guilt-inducing calories.

We blend real pieces of lemon, caramel and other secret ingredients to produce this liquid dessert.

Tropical Fruits

Our signature blend, Tropical Fruits gives drinkers a taste of paradise without any of the calories or added sugar of traditional fruit juices.

To make this blend, we infuse the tea with real fruit flavours and then add actual fruit pieces.

Apple Crumble

Just like our Lemon Pie tea, this is another liquid dessert!

We make this tea by infusing specially selected Ceylon tea with Granny Smith Apple flavour. Then, we add real fruit and crumble pieces to truly mimic the flavour of Apple Crumble!

Flavoured Tea