Tea Suppliers from Sri Lanka
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Guarantee of Quality

Guarantee of Quality

Our teas are hand-plucked when the ‘two leaves and bud’ are at t heir freshest and finest Then, hand-picked again by our master tea tasters to ensure only the best are selected for your cup. Lastly, each shipment is personally checked for quality by a member of the founder’s family


Hand Plucked

All our Tea’s are Hand Picked during the early hours of the morning and the late evenings as the sun is setting down the mountain. Selecting only the best Two Leaves and Bud


Hand Picked

All our Tea’s are Hand Blended  and Tasted by our master Tea Taster’s who select only the finest tea leaves from over 8,000 sample sets of tea every week


Tea Tasting

Several sessions of Tea Tasting are conducted to check the Freshness, Taste and Colour before we send the tea for packaging.

Guarantee of Quality