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Tea Market in Turkey

Tea Market in Turkey

Tea Market in Turkey is the largest consumer of Ceylon Tea in the world, importing nearly 30,000,000 Kg of Ceylon Tea in 2015 to beat Russia, the previous record holder of the largest importer of Pure Ceylon Tea. Turkey is also the largest consumer of Tea per capita, consuming nearly 7 Kg of Tea per person, making the Tea Market in Turkey one of the most dynamic and growing markets in the world.


Map of Turkey


Market Size & Growth

Turkey consumes about 180,000 Tons of Tea annually and is the largest importer and consumer of Ceylon Tea in the world. From 2011 onward there has been an increase in demand from Tea buyers in Turkey for strong, quality tea leaves which produce a rich, dark colour when brewed.

Even though Ceylon Tea has available in Turkey for over 50 years it has been imported from surrounding countries like Syria and Iran, with a very small quantity coming directly from Sri Lanka. This began to change in the last few years when trading companies started to venture to Sri Lanka to import tea directly from the source rather than rely on imports from other countries. Causing the popularity of Ceylon Tea to increase exponentially with demand increasing every year.

Import of Tea by Year in Turkey
Growth in Tea Imports by Turkey

What type of Tea?

Pekoe Tea is the most popular kind of Ceylon Tea imported in to Turkey, nearly 90% of all Ceylon Tea is Pekoe Tea, other popular Tea’s include, Orange Pekoe (OP) and Teabags. Pekoe Tea has two main characteristics, the size of the leaf and how tightly rolled it is, for the Turkey market, the leaf size is usually medium to large and sightly rolled.

Pekoe-Std-Y1 (Custom)

Pekoe Standard 01

Pekoe Std 563

Pekoe Standard 02

Pekoe Std Y1

Pekoe Standard 03


Tea Market in Turkey